Monday, December 5, 2016

Treena Once More...

... and this time fully nude!  Well, I believe the initial picture in the video is from her catfight against.. who knows? The initial clip - from Joan Wise VT186, does not present all of our goddess privates but it has very good angles of her assets. The last one, yes, from California Wildcats V30 against Chandra (another hot in this business), has Treena Collins bush here and there.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Women Wrestling And Sex Toys Porn

I am not sure who was the pioneer of mixing the honorable sport of women combat with explicit sex. Nude girls appeared a long time ago - I remember Mildred Burke and California Supreme to mention just two - but no lesbian acts were in scene. Face sitting was more common with Joan Wise and its Jaguar brand to mention just one example. And of course Women Warriors with its naked domination ritual at the end of the fight. Nothing of this was a real annoyance to me and could turn me on.

What really started to bother me was the transformation of those relatively soft lesbian acts into domination scenes (and torture in a certain way...) with the introduction of plastic penises of all sizes and formats. If I am not mistaken, the pioneer was Academy (which I am fond of, regarding the remaining of its footage) with its SOAP series. Unfortunately, as the time passed by, that would become an epidemic with lots of providers. Not only from western countries but from Japan as well. This latest one is specially bad because it uses to blend the dildo scenes with the fights and... then censors the genitalia images!

For me that spoils the entertainment and when possible I cut off the useless hard lesbian segments. The very successful Ultimate Surrender uses one fourth (I guess) of a video length with ridiculous sex circus scenes.  

Aware of the business trend, it was no surprise when I had time to watch a MMA-XXX video and find 15 minutes of sexual humiliation for 15 minutes of MMA. And a very decent MMA, by the way. Watch and check it out.


I suppose the fighting & toys videos are profitable and producers will keep doing the subgenre. But if I had a fancy for an erotic MMA, I would go with Lingerie Fighting Championships.


Note: several clips and videos with topless fighters were uploaded to YouTube and in consequence made available on the Blog Theater.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Battle Of Stars (39): Careers Beginning

With so many female fighting collectors uploading their archives to the Web, it is just a matter of time to find every production shot by the pioneers. One that has seen its combats slowly but steadily appearing is California Supreme, the outlet created by Ron Dvorkin. And here it is one of the most entertaining, featuring Christine Dupree (at that time as Lee) and Robin (who stayed as Robin...).

It is a California Supreme style combat, that is, not staged but not fully competitive either ("don´t hurt her", I can imagine Ron saying behind the camera). Our future fighting stars are very young, slim and sexy in the bout (they would remain attractive ...).

The combat is almost in full below and has a nice set of good holds: a double headscissors, a full nelson and an ankle lock. 


This Blog is becoming a nostalgia place...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Alert: Topless Boxing (Sort Of...) On The Theater

A funny box combat has been uploaded to YouTube with masked fighters and it is on top of the Blog Theater playlist. It is far from a real combat but in our times is a good entertainment for a Saturday.


As usual, now it is gone from YouTube but it is available below thanks to your alert Blog publisher:



Monday, November 14, 2016

Good Ol´ Interracial Combats

Last week I received a note from Beatrice Goffin where she reported the end of her troubles with Belgian justice. By coincidence, few days later I found this missing video with her fight against the powerful Laila. One more for Beatrice´s collection! (the movie will be copied to her exclusive page soon).

The combat has skilled and competitive wrestling besides the beautiful display of hot bodies wearing sexy swimsuits (I have always said that Beatrice had other qualities than the combative ones).


The second is a boxing match that appeared recently in a topless boxing post (with knock-downs). It is here in full (Bad Apple Mahogany vs Cathy). Good entertainment.


Monday, November 7, 2016

Anytime, Any Place

Catfighting producers seem able to find endless scenarios to enact women brawls. Just look at the three ones below. The first uses an airline cabin when they had space and comfort to stage a catfight. The other two are Japanese, one featuring a water park and another a food market place. Someone should hold a contest to choose the most exotic already used or suggest new ones: e.g. in a weightless space station? On Ice?


Note: I am glad to inform that Beatrice Goffin has reported good news about her troubles with justice in Belgium. Please, give a look on her comment here.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Sub-Genre 50: Rolling & Rolling

A post on YouTube caught my attention to an old catfight style (that I used to despise) where the women get entangled on the floor and then roll around with legs and arms intertwined, bodies hard pressed one to another. The author even suggested to create a fighting specialty with specific falls and point counts; inventive, at least.

Looking from this point of view, now I have found a bit of interest on the sub-genre, specially the appeal that comes from good camera angles. I got from my archive a bunch of rolling catfighting samples. The best is from Fetish Cuties (specifics unknown) with the whole movie under the style "regulations" (besides the girls are very beautiful).

Segments that follows the initial one are the rolling parts of common catfights: the second one has a unknown source, third and fourth are from Catfight Corner and the last from Joan Wise PC066. 


Monday, October 24, 2016

Top(less) Knock Downs

Sexy and competitive female boxing is always difficult to find; with knock downs even more. Fighters usually put large and heavy cushioned gloves to minimize damage. In many cases, blows to the head were also forbidden. However, if the fan is not overly demanding there are entertaining scenes around, most of them from vintage videos.

The first one is from Bad Apple, the best purveyor of erotic box for years; second is from California Supreme, with a dominating Lori over Mitch followed by another CS where Darlyn beats Heather; finally, from a rarely seen Video Sports production, Gabrielle makes Lara feel her punch power.