Monday, January 16, 2017

I Feel Pain Just Looking Or Grueling Leg Locks

I guess the girls in the fighting scenes below are much more flexible than me but the leg locks they are submitted to should have left painful memories. Look at the first one with gorgeous Marla putting the equally hot Michelle to suffer in the World of Wildcats (WOW) production: I hope they had rehearsed very well the move or the chiropractor will receive the blonde early in the following morning. Same is valid in the second and third segments, respectively with Sharon and Arlene for Wrestling Lounge and Veve Lane and Indra for DoomMaidens. 

The last segment is the more realistic one, featuring a competitive combat between Ionna and Jenny for Female Wrestling Zone. Ionna goes after a submission locking Jenny´s legs in many positions until she gets an extreme bend of her right leg; then, with a little help of a side head lock, she is rewarded with a tap out.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blog Technical Problems

Several Blog readers have reported that they can´t play the videos coming along with the posts. I haven´t change anything in the Female Fight Theater parameters and on my side the Blog page is OK. I use Google Chrome as browser (under Windows 7) and the problem might be related to a given browser. 

It is very likely an internal glitch in the Google Blogger software that will go away (hopefully soon). Meanwhile, one can try a different browser.

Another possibility is a bug in the particular Adobe Flash Video Player you are using. You can try a software update and see if the problem is solved. Let me remind everybody that is not possible to watch the videos on iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) because Apple does not support this video format (for good reasons...).

Sorry, folks.

Monday, January 9, 2017

From Boring To Exciting To Dull

A three phase combat video from Academy: at first, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a (friendly) competitive style among hot women using those thick GI Kimonos that make everybody seeming a potatoes bag. Secondly, after spending much more time in the previous phase than desirable in the original video, they decide to strip out of everything and resume the combat: now we move to the best moments, specially when Izamar is caught fully nude in a crucifix hold. And lastly, when we think we are going to be indulged with a nice erotic competitive wrestling, they start a lesbian script...


Let me remind you that I continue to upload full combats from California Supreme in its special page (see tab).

Monday, January 2, 2017

Duel Of Shining Legs

Regardless of pro-wrestling skills, Hurricane Havana and Nikki Martin certainly have comparable gorgeous looks. With extreme high-cut leotards and shining tights enhancing their sexy legs, this pro-wrestling bout from Pin-Down Girls (now extinct) has a good start even before the choreography begins.

And expectations are actually fulfilled with a by the book use of throws, blows and holds. It would be a five stars match should they have used a more elaborate technique (like the Japanese from A minus: original lighting was uneven going from satisfactory to awful.

Anyway, below is an entertaining fight summary.


Monday, December 26, 2016

New Old Ones

A bunch of vintage California Supreme fights has recently resurfaced on the Web. That gave me the idea of creating a separate page to store select videos I have from this legendary producer. The highlights of the first one - Uschi Digart vs Pam in a nude boxing match are below. The California Supreme page will be accessed clicking/touching on the named tab just below the hold drawings frame on top of the Blog. That will be done along this and the following weeks.


By the way, let me remind everybody that Beatrice Goffin fights are available in her separate page as well.


The California Supreme page is alive with the above fight in full.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Sexy, Very Sexy Japanese Battle

This is certainly one of the best ring wrestling matches I have ever seen from a Japanese source.  Or maybe of any country in this sub-genre. Although we usually find gorgeous fighters in far east productions, these two are voluptuous, full of curves and flesh in the right places. The breasts in particular seem to be ready to take off to the roof! By the way, they are used to some challenges in a Napali style of fight. 


As the post title suggests, it is a Battle Japan production; however, with my "powerful" mastering of Japanese, I have no clue about the title.

Note: if you are interested in buying this quite entertaining video (or maybe others in the same genre), it can be found at the Akibacom online shop (English version).

Monday, December 12, 2016

Sub-Genre #35: Mystery Women

Masked fighters: how could I have forgotten this venerable sub-genre where the combatants play a role of disguising her identity? (family? husband? just an act...). And there are subtle variations: just one masked woman or both, a full hood or a brief carnival mask, and so on. In the video below I selected examples where the two wrestlers are using full face covers.

And they are: a Japanese ring combat, followed by a big moms brawl (not only their faces are hidden but also their bodies), Mutiny Wrestling MW225 (here appears one feature of the sub-genre: unmask the adversary), a strip match where the mask stays but not the garments and, finally, an interracial semi-competitive combat from Spanish Fight where the the mask is the only piece of clothing.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Treena Once More...

... and this time fully nude!  Well, I believe the initial picture in the video is from her catfight against.. who knows? The initial clip - from Joan Wise VT186, does not present all of our goddess privates but it has very good angles of her assets. The last one, yes, from California Wildcats V30 against Chandra (another hot in this business), has Treena Collins bush here and there.